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Ailint AI based  Security assessment provides a unique three layered assessment which uncovers 60% more vulnerability as compared to our competitors. Ailint does most comprehensive security audits with the right blend of Automated AI driven tests, Semi-Automated Assessments  and Manual tests. We follow a cycle of tests, fix and retests to ensure proper implementation of patches .

Ailint’s proactive threat assessment model works 24/7/365 to find, report and fix the vulnerabilities that can lead to a compromise.

Our model surpasses the challenges of conventional one time assessments which are as follows

TIME GAP: Automated assessments based on tools depend on signatures that take minimum 3-4 months to be updated. This creates a time gap where tests being conducted are actually looking for vulnerabilities that are 3-4 months old

CONSISTENCY GAP: Some companies get assessments done 2 or 3 times a year but new vulnerabilities crop up almost any day. Thus, this still leaves them vulnerable in between the assessments.

DYNAMIC GAP:  Static part of security like policies, devices etc requires dynamic updates regularly rather than updates at discrete time intervals.

Why Choose Us

  • Elaborate – Right mix of automated , Semi -automate, Manual and Daily Assessments
  • Incremental – Unique Non-Repetitive Assessments leading to significant price reduction and Quality upliftment
  • Incessant – Non-periodic , even driven and exhaustive.


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