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Incident Response

Ailint has the finest talent in Malware Analysis and Incident Response.  In past we have handled multiple critical national / international level cyber security incidents successfully. On multiple occasions, Our Ransomware Analysis , Evasion and Negotiation Teams have successful saved or retrieved  critical data  of our clients during/post the  compromise.

Why Choose Us

  1. We perform meticulous business Impact analysis with BCDR & Data Exfiltration risks assessments which helps us fathom to manage the critical risks efficiently.
  2. Our immensely Experienced and Certified Malware Analysts carry out the forensic analysis and gather specimen and digital evidences to submit elaborate incident report with legally presentable.
  3. Post the digital analytics of the compromise ,we contain the attack ASAP and then restore systems quickly.
  4. In the meantime, Our experienced ransomware negotiators fetch the best deals of compromise.
  5. Our IR contains a free 16 hour training for the in-house team which explains the events leading to the incident as well as possible countermeasures that would possibly prevent it in  future.

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